Accuracy Studies

Topi-Pump redefines accuracy in terms of dosage pumps and filling. Our airless pouch is far superior to spiracle and piston pumps. All of our products are designed to be the most efficient, easy-to-use pumps and accessories in the pharmacy spectrum.

Need proof? Click on any of our Accuracy Studies below to see what Topi-Pump products can do for you.

Accuracy Study 1: 30mL 0.5 Cream
Accuracy Study 2: 30mL 0.25mL Vanpen
Accuracy Study 3: 30mL 0.5 HRT Cream
Accuracy Study 4: 30mL 1.0 HRT Cream
Accuracy Study 5: 60mL 0.5mL Gel
Accuracy Study 6: 120mL 0.5 Van Cream
Accuracy Study 7: 120mL 1.0 Base Cream

Key Advantages


Easiest airless pump to fill (no spiracle).


Straight forward dosing; no twisting or counting.


Best value for an accurate easy to use topical dispensing pump.


Our manufacturing facility is ISO 9001 and ISO 15378 certified.


Most accurate airless pump on the market.

Success rate

Virtually zero failure rate.

Medical Grade Plastic

Our pumps are made of USP class 6 plastic in all parts of the pump.


Drop test from 5 ft without any breakage or leakage

Other Information

  • Weight loss 40 C / 50% HR 3 months < 0.1%
  • Depressure Air-tightness > 400 hPa
  • Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR) < 0.05 cc/
  • Moisture Vapor Transmittion Rate (MVTR) < 0.05 g/
  • UV/UVB Transmission Rate = 0
  • Pump wrenching force > 15 daN
  • All viscosities from 0 to 100,000 centipoises