Filling Information

Filling Instructions

filling2Fill pouch with cream. Common filling devices are syringes, unguators and icing bags.

filling3Ensure that any cream is removed from the neck of the bottle. Place actuator on top of bottle and press down firmly with heel of palm. You will hear a click. In the SleekLine models, there will be two distinct clicks.

filling41To prime the pump, press down on actuator until cream comes out in a full dose. The first dose of medication will be a partial dose. The following dose will be a complete dose.

filling-infoAttach linked cap to keep medication fresh. Linked cap prevents desiccation and accidental discharge and makes pump more child resistant.

Other important information:

  • Syringe and icing bag or unguator filling methods (Various methods may be used to fill the pouch.)
  • For best results, insert Topi-Filling Adapter into bottle and slowly remove adapter as the bottle fills up.
  • To avoid air pockets in the cream, gently tap the bottle on a counter, or use a vibration plate. This will ensure accurate dosing.
  • To ensure a proper seal of the actuator, remove any cream that was deposited in the neck of the pump.
  • Do not fill more than 10% over the stated volume of the pouch. Overfill 10 percent (max) to allow for priming and residual cream.
  • Allow 90 seconds between pumps, or when pump is fully extended.

Note: Any application of prescription drugs should be evaluated by the pharmacist to ensure suitability. Keep prescription drugs out of reach of children.