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Filling adapters are used to make filling Topi-Pumps as easy as possible. They screw onto the end of syringes and unguators and are long enough to reach the bottom of the Topi-Pumps, depending on which size Topi-Pump you are using. Filling Adapters reduce the amount of air that gets trapped while filling the Topi-Pumps and help prevent cream from being deposited in the neck of the bottle.

We now offer Filling Adapters made for the SleekLine.

Available in the following types:


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# Option Price
1 Short Syringe $15.99
2 Long Syringe $25.99
3 Short Unguator $15.99
4 Long Unguator $25.99
5 Sleek-Line Syringe $12.99
6 Sleek-Line Unguator $12.99

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Filling Adapters

Short Syringe, Long Syringe, Short Unguator, Long Unguator, SleekLine Syringe, Sleekline Unguator


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